There are many different types of IT systems, and yet they all require maintenance so you can take the best possible care of your organization’s data. If you do not choose to maintain or update your systems, you will be extra exposed to viruses. With basic IT maintenance, the focus rests on protecting your data and minimizing the risk that you may experience with your systems and servers.


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What methods do we use?

Initially we will have a conversation with you about your needs and about the things you want to optimize, improve or operate, so you can assure that a process will be composed based on the needs, requirements and goals you have to your company. Depending on which service you require, the process will be planned based on which maintenance or operation needs to be carried out. Our tech team will therefore regularly hold stand-ups and individual demo meetings to ensure mutual sparring between our developers and you as a customer.

What do we do?

We help you update your versions, codebase or rewrite it if needed or desired. In addition, we help you to optimize or improve the performance of the code base, if your require it.
In addition to the maintenance of your database, we also offer an operation service and offer to monitor your database or server. We ensure that you are not left alone with the responsibility of securing your data, your system or the good user experience, if the server crashes.

We help you to maintain or make changes to the functionality – so that your server follow the latest trends, technologies or the users response.

Have you seen our latest Quality Assurance?

We all want to avoid the error codes or the long loading time when accessing a platform. For this very reason, we help many of our customers with testing their IT systems and products.


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