IT architecture

Within the digital universe, the architecture constitutes a design and a setup of the software and the network itself respectively. It is therefore more or less the logical and physical connections between several supporting digital components that takes place.

There are some basic principles, guidelines and rules that must be followed in order to develop new systems. These are combined and adapted to your company’s wishes so we can strengthen the project process and progress – both for the sake of the development and connection of the IT resources in the company.


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How do we think security and functionality into the architecture?

For security reasons, we have set up our own internal process steps that make it possible to build an optimal and well-functioning project process for you and your company. Here the start-up phase is a high priority, since as an initial step we map the architecture on the basis of your functional requirements, ideas and wishes.

At MeeW, we include and relate to the before mentioned guidelines and frameworks, to cover your needs as best as possible. But even though we have set up some internal process steps which we work from, we will always be in close dialogue with you, and have ongoing recommendations for how we propose to handle the IT architecture for your project.

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